When we think of fireworks, we think of Bonfire night, Chinese New Year, the 4th of July or Guy Fawkes Day, not of birthdays, weddings, corporate functions or Valentine’s Day. We cannot also imagine buying fireworks over the Internet—what happened to the chap around the corner who would sell fireworks just before the festival season began?

UK-based Fireworks company Blitz fireworks is set to change this very traditional, old-fashioned image of fireworks purchase and use. Blitz fireworks is a leading online fireworks store that provides a wide range of fireworks for different occasions.

You can purchase a wide variety of fireworks from our online store from indoor fireworks to those used at professional displays. You can pick up a wide variety of Roman candles, which produce flames, crackling flashes and loud bangs. Our firework rockets can produce anything from colours and effects to thunderous noises and bright flashes. The wide variety of air bombs on sale at our store send shots skywards, before exploding in the air. Catherine wheels, which need to be nailed to a wooden support, rotate, sending out spirals of flames and sparks. Sparklers are very popular with children, because of the colourful effects produced.

Some of the most innovative fireworks are those intended for weddings, indoor use and Valentine’s Day. For example, there are heart-shaped and star-shaped sparklers, displays of various kinds, a rocket that explodes to create a red heart effect, cannon that shoots wedding confetti and a table torpedo that throws out stars, streamers and rocket balloons when lit. There are also single-ignition fireworks for weddings, which provide a whole range of sound and light effects.

Please visit our online store to order fireworks for special occasions. You can book your order by telephone fax or e-mail and get the best firework products at competitive prices. We assure you that our firework products will make your occasion truly bright and special.

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Blitz Fireworks advises all customers, spectators and the Public to read and observe the Firework Code at all times.
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