Screaming Birds


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Screaming Birds are available in a pack of ten, these fireworks make a right old racket. As you can probably determine by the name, they scream as they soar into the air and then explode into a ball of colour, leaving people completely blown away by their prowess.

These screamers are not for the faint-hearted and do make a lot of noise entering the sky (over 114 decibels) so it is wise to make sure everyone is aware that these fireworks will be present at your display. In terms of loud fireworks, you don’t get more in your face than these.

Firstly Screaming Birds are very loud bird scarers with 10 in a pack they are great value for money. They are used by farmers, lake owners and landfill sites. To scare away crows, pigeons, seagulls and any other pesky birds. They scream as they rise into the sky and then the big bang of around 117db, so they are classed as Loud Fireworks. We must recommend a firework safety distance of 25m (80ft).