13 Überstürmer


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Mixpack of 13 different rockets, 7 pieces with golden tail and 6 pieces with silver tail. Each rocket with 32g NEC per piece. Effects: 1.) Golden Tail to Golden willow with Sky-Blue + red Dahlia Name: Goldregen-Blau+Rot 2.) Golden tail to Corolla with Blue tips Name: Corolla-Blau 3.) Golden tail to Green strobe with brocade crown King Name: Brokatpalme-Grünblinker 4.) Golden tail to Yellow strobe with Big gold palm Name: Goldpalme-Gelbflimmer 5.) Golden tail to Golden willow to silver willow tips Name: Goldregen mit Silberspitzen 6.) Golden tail to Brocade crown with multicolor tips Name: Brokat-Bunt 7.) Golden tail to Purple Dahlia with golden strobe Name: Lila-Gelbflimmer 8.) Silver tail to Sky Blue Dahlia with titanium Burst Name: Polyp Blau 9.) Silver tail to red Dahlia with titanium Burst Name: Polyp Rot 10.) Silver Tail to Big silver Chrys with Sky-Blue Dahlia Name: Silbercracker-Blau 11.) Silver tail to White strobe with chicken blood red dahlia Name: Weißblinker-Magnesiumrot 12.) Silver tail to Red strobe with big silver crackling palm Name: Crackerpalme-Rotblinker 13.) Silver tail to Red strobe willow with blue peony