Quality Fireworks Retailer in Crewe, Cheshire


At Blitz Fireworks we love what we do with a passion…… and our particular area of expertise is pyrotechnic musicals!

A combination of fireworks and music which has been known to provoke extreme emotion and reduce people to tears, fireworks are hugely successful in rounding off an event but put them together with the correct music and it becomes a completely different experience.

These productions are the very best and use the latest up to date technology. The display is fired from a computer and the fireworks break to the beat of the music.


This is no ordinary production and takes considerable time to choreograph and fuse. A display of this nature uses all of the materials available to us and would include Z cakes, W cakes, fan cakes, vulcan mines, strobing candles, flares and aerial shells ranging in size from two inch right through to eight inch to name but some.

The client’s involvement is encouraged and welcomed in everything from music choice to choice of fireworks used and also the intensity and duration of the display.

Prices from £4500.00 plus Vat, please enquire to discuss your specific requirements.