Wedding Fireworks

A Special End to your Special Day……

Our displays for weddings are selected for their colour, beauty and impact. All materials can be co-ordinated and choreographed to your own requirements. We offer several different options, all of which will amaze your guests and provide truly memorable entertainment.

If you are not using one of the listed locations for your wedding, don’t worry. Blitz Fireworks are able to put on a spectacular display at your location, subject to a site visit & inspection.

This website is intended to guide you through the different options we have available in our wide range of wedding fireworks display packages. We hope you find it helpful and our friendly staff are ready on phone or email to be of assistance any day of the week.

At Blitz Fireworks we love what we do with a passion and our particular area of expertise is pyrotechnic musicals, so why not enquire about having your firework display fired to the music of your choice?

Take a look at our Popular Displays, our Full List of Displays or our Video Gallery to see the displays in action.

Whatever you’re after, we’ll make sure your night begins and ends with a bang!

Blitz Wedding Fireworks