Quality Fireworks Retailer in Crewe, Cheshire
Blitz Fireworks Companies

The Blitz Fireworks Companies

A multi-faceted company dedicated to the enjoyment of others.

Blitz Fireworks was formed in 2007.  The director had a passion for fireworks from his early childhood and that passion still burns brightly today. The company has expanded into several areas of  the events industry with event equipment hire and commercial festive lighting design & installation for towns across the Northwest.

It is the passion for painting the night sky canvas with fireworks that still holds a certain magic for Blitz.

Blitz gear themselves up to be self-sufficient in running their own high profile events:

Blitz Fireworks Companies serve others the same way we serve ourselves – with understanding and dedication to providing a stress free experience. Sometimes it is not a question of whether there may be problems along the way it is more about how they are dealt with.

The company has grown and in 2017 we opened a large retail store selling fireworks, Balloons and fancy Dress to the general public.

The Blitz group of companies continues to expand. Along with sole-supplier status at some of the region’s most luxurious hotels our commitment to customer care and satisfaction is at the very top of our working ethos.

Blitz Fireworks Companies – understanding, stress-free and dedicated.